Batoo! Barbara Turk - stylist and fashion designer
Stylist, clothing and fashion designer Barbara Turk.

Do you wanna know who batoo is? //

Batoo is about you and a bit more about me, Barbara Turk. I work as a fashion designer and stylist in various projects and production fields - from areas - advertising, commercials, music videos, many TV ads, various television stations and shows. I'm focused on visual creativity and specialised in professional styling and fashion design.

As an official fashion stylist, I worked for the largest Southern European music network MTV Adria, one of the largest commercial TV production houses TV3 Viasat and currently I work with the new and fresh media station Planet TV/Siol.

In addition to my stylist work, I passionately devote myself to fashion design. My creations are intriguing with an eloquent attitude and strong emotional power, always rich in colour and details. My work is a clear expression of my style, which is never influenced by traditional boundaries. I love to explore various aspects and areas of everyday life, and balance them into dynamic, avant-garde, and yet accessible clothing collages with a strong personal style.

So, that is a brief introduction about me. If you want to know more, you can easily get in touch with me through the contact form or via email.

My past work and education //

EDUCATION: 2007 // Master's study at the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering, Department: Textile and Clothing Design, Slovenia
2006 // Graduated from the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering, Department: Textile and Clothing Design, Slovenia
2002/03 // Undergraduate study of Fashion Design at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, Prague, Czech Republic WORKED FOR: 2012 // Official stylist for TV network Planet TV/Siol, Slovenia
2012 // Planet TV (Paradise hotel, UEFA Champions league)
2009/11 // Official Stylist for commercial TV network TV3 Viasat, Slovenia
2009/11 // TV3 Viasat (Ljubezen na seniku, Riba na oko, Vip magazine, Vipovih 10, Smejmo se, Koda je moda)
2009 // Shoe design for Slovenian shoe brand Alpina, Slovenia
2007/09 // Fashion journalist and editor for newspaper Indirekt, Slovenia
2005/06 // Official stylist for MTV Adria, Slovenia
2005/06 // MTV Adria (Mtv News, Adria top 20, Block, DFC) COLLECTIONS: 2007 // Collection Oscar de la Renta, Trubarjeva street, Slovenia
2006 // Collection Pingpong, Club K4, Slovenia
2005 // Collection Beetwen, Gallery Ai, Ljubljana
2004 // Collection What's the point, Ai, Club Global, Slovenia
2002 // Group fashion show Stanja, at the end of study, collection Four seasons, Cankarjev dom, Slovenia STYLING AND COSTUME DESIGN: TV Reality show:
2012 // Reality show Paradise hotel, production Paprika latino for Planet TV/ Siol
2011 // Reality show Ljubezen na seniku (Farmer), production Paprika latino for TV3 Viasat
2011 // Reality show Riba na oko, production Paprika latino for TV3 Viasat
Music videos:
2011 // Dandelion children (Smitten), director Ven Jemeršič, Slovenia
2010 // Jinx (Da smo se voljeli manje), director Ven Jemeršič
2007 // Leeloojamais (Part of me,) production NuFrame d.o.o.
2007 // Big Foot Mama (Važn da zadane), director Dafne Jemeršič
2007 // Adam (Odnosi), director Urban Pekle
2006 // Carpe diem (Doktor, doktor), production NuFrame d.o.o
2004 // Game over & BBT (Tuna), director Ven Jemeršič
2004 // Il divo (Unbreak my heart) in cooperation with Studio Oktober, director Sharon Maguire, production Bas Production in cooperation with Radical Media, Slovenia COMMERCIALS: 2011 // Ljubljanske mlekarne (Planica), production Propeler, director Nevio Masarović
2011 // Debitel (Modra odločitev), production Propeler, director Nevio Masarović
2010 // TVC Isla, TVC Prostasan (Farmedica), production Restart, director Dafne Jemeršič
2010 // Studio moderna (Dormeo lukoil cosmo, Dormeo selgros, Club 5 zvezdic, Loyalty Spar, Dry cooker), production Zavod Partizanka, directors Ven Jemeršič, Klemen Dvornik
2006 // Mobitel, production VPK
2004 // Merkur (Pingpong in Plaža) production Perfo d.o.o, director Ven Jemeršič
2004 // Reiffeisen bank, production Perfo, director Ven Jemeršič
SPECIAL PROJECTS: 2009 // Finalist in the competition Objem je moč, organised by ONA magazine, Zlatarna Celje and Beli obroč, Slovenia
2008 // French-Slovenian fashion documentary movie Ten word/Deset besed, in cooperation with French artist Alexandra Fillitrau, French institute, Slovenia
2007 // Exhibition of project and costume "Taxi Alaksi", in cooperation with French artist Alexandra Fillitrau, Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, Slovenia
2005 // Dance solo R'Z'R, choreography Leja Jurišić, Plesni Teatre, Slovenia
2005 // Dance solo Porcelain me, choreography Boštjan Antončič, Plesni Teater, Slovenia
2003 // Costume design for ethno vocal group Lan, Metlika, Slovenia GROUP PROJECTS: 2004 // Textile installation Rojstvo tekstilij/The Birth of textile, City Museum, Slovenia
2004 // Fashion exhibition Ljubo doma/Home sweet home, Pozitive, Gallery Kresija, Slovenia
2003 // Fashion exhibition Mestne impresije, Pozitive, Slovenia
2002 // Fashion show and art exhibition, KUFR, Ravne na Koroškem
2001 // Fashion exhibition Čutim modro/ I feel blue, Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, Slovenia AWARDS: 2006 // Won 1st prize at the competition for Miss Slovenia's (Iris Mulej) gown for the Miss of the world, World competition, organised by ONA magazine, Slovenia
2004 // Prešeren award for the textile installation The Birth of Textile, City Museum, Slovenia


2006 - Best Dress for Miss Slovenia In 2006 my creation of a white lace dress was chosen for Miss Slovenia Iris Mulej, for her appearance at the Miss World gala event in Poland. I won 1st prize at the Best Dress competition, organised by ONA magazine.
The white handmade lace dress was made without any stiches by using a technique called air lace, which is done on special paper. I used various laces, from handmade Idrian lace, to knotted lace, machine made lace, and knitted lace, which - some of them were also more than 30 years old - and connected them together with air lace. The whole procedure is very slow and complex, beacuse you need to remove the paper off the lace in the water. It took me three months to finish the gown.
2004 - Prešeren award for textile installation Lorem ipsum In 2004 I received a Prešeren award for textile a instalattion entitled "The Birth of Textile". This was a group student project prepared for the City Museum in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Each student made one part of the installation using a special textile technique. My contribution was made of felted wool, which is a handmade technique were wool fibres transform into a tough and durable material, due to the use of moisture, heat and pressure.

Fashion and stylist // With whom i worked

TV STATIONS: » Planet TV / Siol
» TV3 Viasat
» MTV Adria PRODUCTION HOUSES: » NuFrame d.o.o
» restArt d.o.o
» Perfo d.o.o.
» Propeler d.o.o.
» Zavod Partizanka
» VPK d.o.o.
» Paprika Latino d.o.o. HAIR STYLIST: » Robert Štamcar
» Boštjan Vranješ - Progressive
FILM & TV DIRECTORS: » Ven Jemeršič
» Dafne Jemeršič
» Klemen Dvornik
» Andro Kajzer
» Urban Pekle
» Nevio Masarović
» Dražen Štader
» Anže Koron
» Špela Horvat AGENCIES: » NovaPodoba & Adria+ PHOTOGRAPHERS: » Nada Mihajlović
» Matic Brumen
» Klemen Prepeluh
» Luka Matijevec MUSIC GROUPS: » Adam
» Big foot mama
» Carpe diem
» Dandelion children
» Game over
» Il Divo
» Jinx
» Leeloojamais
» Sausages PEOPLE: » Saška Lendero
» Maja Martina Merljak
» Maja Taraniš - Gigia
» Danilo Ivanuša
» Dani Bavec
» Jonas Žnidaršič
» Iris Mulej
» Aleksandra Papež
» Špela Ceglar MAKE UP ARTISTS: » Alenka Nahtigal
» Brigita Štempelj
» Emperatrizz
» Lara Oven
» Maja Šušnjara
» Petra Hartman
» Tina Lasič
» Vanja Djuran